How to get cheap flights


An airline ticket is one of the most expensive parts of any trip. We are all looking for the cheapest airfare and don’t want to be someone who has paid the most.

How to find a cheap flight

Many airlines today have reduced the number of destinations they fly to. This means their planes are full, so why would they discount. Oil prices are pretty much at an all-time low, and for the first time in years, airlines are actually making a profit.

So why would they give YOU a cheaper fare?

Below are my 5 top tips for getting that cheaper flight price, we’ve all been craving for.

1. Be flexible on your dates of travel

Flight prices vary drastically depending on the time of year you are travelling. Holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter etc are very popular and airlines can charge a premium if you want to travel around these periods. If you can steer clear of holiday dates, then your ticket will tend to be cheaper.

It’s also cheaper to fly mid-week rather than a weekend.

The time you fly can also be a factor in getting a cheaper flight. Most people don’t want to travel late at night or early in the morning, so if you don’t mind, there is a bargain to be had.

Odd durations can be favourable too. The majority of people will travel for 7 or 14 days. Always check different durations, to keep the cost down.

2. Try different flight routes

Being flexible with your dates and duration is one thing, but the route you take can also save you money.

If you want to fly from London to Florida, the easiest way is to fly direct with Virgin or British Airways. However, direct flights come at a premium.

It’s often cheaper to fly with an American airline via somewhere like New York or Washington. American airlines usually have their own internal low cost airline, making the total fare cheaper. Checking flights today, an in-direct flight is approximately £200 cheaper than a direct flight.

When searching, don’t be afraid to look at flights via another airport to save yourself money.

3. Use several flight comparison websites

If you’ve ever used a flight search engine, you might not know that some are only there to make money. It’s best to use at least 2, but I’d recommend 3. Websites such as skyscanner, kayak & expedia are the 3 I always look at when searching for flights.

4. Sign up for airline newsletters

These days, airlines don’t offer big discounts to travel agents or flight comparison websites. Sometimes they run their own special offers. You’ll need to be signed up to each airlines newsletter, so you’ll be the first to hear about great deals.

They are free and you’ll be sure to get those special offers direct to your inbox.

5. Sign up for a frequent flyer program

Most scheduled airlines offer a frequent flyer scheme. If your not familiar with what they offer, here is a summary.

  • Sign up for frequent flyer
  • Every time you book a flight, you earn ‘frequent flyer miles’
  • Your miles can be used towards purchasing upgrades or flights

Frequent flyer programs are free. The more you fly, the more you earn and the more you can save.

If you have any tips for saving money, why not share them!

Happy saving

Rach x

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