How to find Cheap Hotels

The Best Ways to Book Cheaper Hotel Rates

These days, booking a holiday is not a cheap affair but do you find the cost of the hotel consumes the largest percentage of your budget? Of course, the quality of the hotel is very important to me as it is to most people but the holiday is not only about the hotel, I want enough money leftover to spend on other things like shopping, nice meals out, excursions and not to mention the odd cocktail or two.
I am well travelled having spent many years in the travel industry and I have discovered some “tricks of the trade” on how to reduce the costs of your hotel rates and thought I would share these with you.

Metasearch Engine

This is a search tool that uses another search engine’s findings to produce their own results from the Internet. In this case, it will search for multiple hotel booking sites in one go. Tripadvisor and Trivago are popular sites that are used to source this sort of information.


Contact the hotel directly

Once you have chosen your destination and have a specific hotel in mind, it is always worth calling the hotel directly to see if they can offer any preferential rates. At the very least, it is always worth checking with them to see if they have any functions on during your stay. You won’t be surprised to hear that hotel events whether it be onsite or nearby, can drive up the rates of the hotel during that period.
Be sure to call the hotel directly and not a 800 number as you will not be speaking to someone directly at the hotel and instead you may find being passed around the central reservations team not actually getting the answers you want.

Book Cancelable Rates

Hotel schedules are forever changing and as a result can make the rates of the room fluctuate constantly. Like with anything, the more people book a room, the higher the prices are driven up as they become more in demand. If you are set on one particular hotel, this option may not be ideal for you however, if you are slightly flexible on where you stay then book a cancelable rate. The best way to identify these are when a hotel states “FREE cancellation, pay later”. I must stress that you need to double check that what you have booked is cancelable as this could be a costly mistake to make. Not all hotels offer this which is why you need to be sure that you are booking something that is free to cancel. It is then is a matter of watching the rates as they fluctuate higher and lower over a period of time and try and grab yourself a better rate.

Book Last Minute

This method is best used on short trips away, weekend visits or business trips. I would not recommend to wait until the last minute if it is for your main holiday as you may be disappointed when you cannot get out to your preferred destination and hotel. There are plenty of last minute websites that are specifically aimed at getting you the best rate possible at hotels that have only a few rooms left.
I would recommend that you shop around before committing to any deals. It is worth knowing that some sites offer “last minute deal” sections when actually, they are just pointing out there are only a few rooms left and not that they have a better price for you should you book it with them.

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  1. Sometimes this is the case, but not always. If you contact them last minute and they have availability, you could bag yourself a bargain.

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